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The Library renovation, approved by voters in the November, 2014 referendum, is moving ahead. Project financing was secured through a successful sale of library bonds managed by municipal financing firm George K. Baum & Company in late January. Favorable market conditions and a strong financial rating for the Library, resulted in a true interest rate of 2.8% for the 15 year bond term. This means that Library District property owners will receive a debt service rate reduction of more than 30 % beginning in 2016.

After considering several qualified candidates, the Library Board selected Frederick Quinn Corporation of Addison, IL to provide construction management services for the renovation project. They will be responsible for cost estimating, phasing, and day-to-day oversight of the construction project.

The renovation team (Library management and trustees, Engberg Anderson Architects, Frederick Quinn Corp.) is working diligently to fine tune the design plan to ensure that the project delivers the desired enhancements and updates in a timely, cost effective manner.

We anticipate that the bid process will take place in early summer, with construction slated for later in summer 2015. Visit our website for ongoing updates on the progress of the renovation project or contact Director Sandra Pointon at 630-257-6541 or email


Lemont Public Library Referendum

Lemont Public Library Referendum

Library Board Votes to Place Renovation Bond Question on November 4th Ballot

On August 12, 2014, the Library Board of Trustees unanimously approved Ordinance No. 2014/2015-01 to place a bond proposition for the Library Renovation Plan on the ballot at the November 4, 2014 General Election. The question to be submitted to the voters of the Lemont Public Library District, Cook and DuPage Counties, Illinois is as follows:

“Shall the Lemont Public Library District, Cook and DuPage Counties, Illinois, repair, remodel and improve, furnish necessary equipment and acquire electronic data storage and retrieval facilities for, build an addition to and improve the site of the existing library building and issue its bonds to the amount of $2,800,000 for the purpose of paying the costs thereof?”

Renovation Update –  July 2014

Renovation Update July 2014

Click the document above to view the Renovation Update.

Major features of the $2.8 Million renovation plan include:

CAPITAL REPAIRS & UPDATES $500,000 is budgeted for updates to the original building systems, as identified in a 2013 Facility Assessment, by Dewberry Architects, including: • Roof Replacement • Updating electrical/data systems to current standards • Mechanical Systems Replacement (HVAC) • Energy Efficient, Ambient Lighting • Parking Lot Repaving

TRANSFORMATION OF EXISTING SPACE Relocation of meeting and instructional space will provide: • Convenient, visible Service Desks for checkout and information needs • The Lemont Room, a peaceful enclave overlooking newly landscaped green space, with comfortable seating in a quiet enclosed environment, highlighting our community history • Improved access to materials through centralized displays, more accessible shelving and better lighting. • Flexible seating options for reading, studying and relaxing • Expanded Children’s area with interactive stations, age-appropriate shelving and furnishings and a parents’ gathering space • Teen Lounge and teen collections to support collaborative learning, independent study and reading •  Increased availability of rooms for study, business and collaborative use • Flex space Children’s/Teen activity rooms with an operable partition.

ADDITIONAL SPACE A modest expansion will create: • Multi-use spaces with up-to-date projection systems, technology training facilities and demonstration areas. • A new enclosed lobby with convenient access to public services • A courtyard with seating and plantings to enhance the use of outdoor space The renovation would be accomplished through a phased approach, beginning as early as Spring 2015.

Please contact us at or call Sandra Pointon or any library board member with any comments or suggestions. We welcome your feedback.